Children of Dune, disc 2

Okay, what? No, let me start over. I’ll use numbers.

1. Good thing: I feel so shallow putting this first, but for anyone who (like me) was sort of wondering after the first disc, ‘when *are* we going to see a shirtless and barefoot James McAvoy?’ the answer is ‘*ALL OF DISC 2.*’

2. Bad thing: Ghanima gave in to the hats! BUT it was not horrible; it had a sort of rakish Three Musketeers quality to it which was not completely objectionable to me.

3. Confusing thing: Still don’t get the blue eyes thing. Wikipedia fails to enlighten, probably because I didn’t read very carefully. Also, sometimes Leto’s eyes *aren’t* blue, and I absolutely couldn’t tell if it was supposed to be some kind of foreshadow-y plot device, or if they just messed up the special effects.


1. Good thing: Farad’n totally pulled a Neville, and I was totally impressed. Way to go, buddy! He was a 100% highlight; I’d watch all his scenes again. Terrible taste in hats, though. No more hats for you!

2. Bad thing: There were so many people to keep track of, and I got the two old guys confused, so I was *really* confused when one of them killed Paul, and then the other one killed *him,* and I was all, ‘Who *are* you people?’

3. Confusing thing: Honestly, I still have no idea what the golden path is. I mean, I totally support Leto’s goal of living free of awful hats (and, apparently, shirts and shoes as well), but I don’t think that’s what he was getting at. I read that Wikipedia article more carefully, but I completely disagreed with it on a fundamental level, and that took me back to confusion.


1. Good thing: Leto and Ghanima and Farad’n — I am totes confused as to why the internet does not abound with stories about their adorable love for each other.

2. Bad thing: Oh, Duncan Idaho. I had a terrible time learning your name, and when I finally did, you went and died! I felt super bad for him.

3. Confusing thing Popculture Dune reference FTW: I totally caught the “fear is truly the mindkiller” line in the five for fighting song “Nobody” the other day. (That makes *one* line I understand in that song…)

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