Finally (part 3)

Thoughts on Last of the Time Lords:

Truly the most odd of the final three eps of series 3. *Everybody* acts weird (and crazy).

Things that confused me:
1. The explanation of the Toclafane. I’m always a little baffled by time travel, but I think I was blocking this one on purpose. No, I say! That rocket launch was a moment of triumph in Utopia, and I’m clinging to it! Those humans were fine! Fine, I tell you!

2. The “escape attempt” (or whatever you want to call it) on board the Valiant. What the heck was that all about? D’you think they just tried that, every once in a while, to keep things interesting? Or was it some special occasion? Everyone must have known it wouldn’t work, so what was the point of it?
Although, it did seem to imply that Jack’s 51st century genetic modifications go beyond great teeth. Pulling the chains out of the wall? That’s some serious strength, there, buddy.

3. Which brings us to Jack’s pants. There was such a point made of his face being all dirty, and his shirt being all ripped up and having all these bullet holes, but his pants were (in comparison) startlingly tidy. Now, I know that grime-grey color covers a lot, but seriously, he never got shot below the waist? How likely is that?

4. The Doctor, when he gives his little speech about stashing the Master in the TARDIS and taking responsibility for him. The whole speech just sounds weird, weird, weird. Kind of creepy weird, actually. Also, there’s no way Lucy could have picked up that gun without him seeing her.

5. What about all the soldiers and support crew on the Valiant? The ones who also presumably remember everything that happened in the year that never was? Did they get an explanation? Counseling? Hazard pay?

PS: Martha = awesome. The power of faith, indeed. I would be willing to put her name in for best companion exit ever, with the whole phone thing. Points for honesty, courage, and cleverness — she’s a triple threat!

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