Fic Rec o’ the Day

I love sam_storyteller’s Neal and Peter. And his Elizabeth. And Sherlock. And John. And all of them. Pretty much I just love the idea of Neal and Sherlock running around London committing and solving crimes just for fun.

Rematch, by sam_storyteller (copperbadge)

Author Summary: “Neal and Sherlock’s rematch in London was the high point of the International Law Enforcement Conference — until Neal’s tracker went dark.”

“No, science is boring. Anyway it overlaps DI Lestrade’s thing on community crowdsourcing,” Neal said, uncapping a pen and crossing out a series of presentations, seemingly at random. He caught Peter watching. “There are…certain things I can’t attend,” he said.

“Why?” Peter asked.

“I have a history,” Neal hedged.

“I’m aware.”

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