fanfic standing in for tv

Reasons other than the Superbowl why I (and my tiny attention span) have been reading fanfic this week instead of watching tv.

1. no commercials
2. often has a more satisfying ending
3. shorter

Closing Doors, by carolinecrane
(the one where Puck keeps coming over to the house, and it takes Kurt a while to figure out why)

Can’t Tell You What I Learned; I Could Tell You A Story or Two, by twentysomething
(the college AU where Blaine is Kurt’s TA and they have study dates)

Hawaii Five-0
We Believe in the Sum of Ourselves, by gyzym
(actual episode tag to 1.16, Monday’s ep)

White Collar
When Opportunity Knocks, by non_sequential
(crossover with Doctor Who, the Doctor runs into Neal while they’re both looking to ‘recover’ the same thing)

In Oh So Many Ways, by blueskypenguin
(fluffy Dean/Cas and Sam/Gabriel post-saving the world, sleeping in and breakfast)

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