Fic Rec ‘o the Day

they tell me their secrets (will you tell me yours too), by etothepii
Sherlock (BBC), the one where John can talk to inanimate objects (and they talk back)

I *love* the part about John’s computer.

“I’m not letting him in this time! Just like you told me!” shouts his laptop when John walks into the flat with the groceries, and Sherlock looks up at him.

“I see you’ve changed your password,” he says, which is news to John. “Is it no longer your last four phone digits plus the surname of your last serious girlfriend?”

“Might be,” John replies noncommitally (it had been the last time he logged in, which was just this morning to check his email), even as his laptops chirps gleefully the random numbers and letters it’s changed John’s password to.

NOTE: This is bookmarked on my new pinboard account. (So far my biggest qualm with the program is that I can’t seem to remember the name. Pinball, Pinbucket, and Pinup have all been tried at various times, and that’s just today.)

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