Glee, ep notes, the kissing one

1. Don’t worry, the answer is yes: Sam is indeed naked again in this episode. In fact, they’ve installed tubs in the locker room just for him! (Two side by side tubs, in fact, just like a ED commercial.)

2. Puck is back, and once again monopolizing all the character development. It’s like all the other characters are from the Lightspeed Rescue season, and Puck’s from the Jungle Fury season.

3. Despite Puck, I felt like the episode dragged on, and on, and on. I kept thinking it *must* be almost over. At one point I may have shouted, “Enough with the talking! Sing something!” at the tv screen.

4. In random notes: Will continues to be the worst teacher ever. It still feels like a novelty anytime Mike has a line. Kurt and Puck had mirroring story lines, and I couldn’t tell if it was on purpose or not.

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