Glee (RHPS ep)

“So what are you going to be for Halloween this year?”
“I’m going as a peanut allergy.”
-Kurt, Britney

“I have no idea what’s going on in this script, and it’s not in a cool ‘Inception’ sort of way.”

“We’re guys, when did we have to start worrying about this?”
“I blame Internet porn.”
-Finn, Artie

“Are you ready for a chilling statistic? 70% of all teeth in this school are wooden.”

Points I’m Pondering

1. Sam wasn’t filmed in the shower during this episode! That’s a first for him, yes? Although there was a scene where other people were showering behind him, and I thought to myself, “Why, exactly, did Mr. Schue feel the need to have this conversation in the locker room? That makes zero sense.”

2. Are there viewers who care enough about Will and Emma’s relationship woes that they want to see a whole episode centered around them? I’m not one of them. (Although I had a moment of “hah!” when Sue flipped out seeing Emma and Carl together. Sue/Emma forever!)

3. I miss Puck. Also, Glee producers, real shows do not release an episode only every two weeks. We are not fooled.

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