GLEE, the duet one

Puck is in juvie, which means he is not on screen. This episode is automatically less interesting to me.

“What’s a duet?”
“A blanket.”
-Will, Brittany

“What’s the winner get?”

“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” — as far as I’m concerned, the definitive version of this song was in Ella Enchanted. If there’s not magic spells and ridiculous fighting, it’s just not the same.

“I’m just a little confused. You’ve never even made eye contact with me.”
“Yeah, for a while I thought you were a robot.”
-Artie, Brittany

It’s pretty weird for Finn to be having a conversation about the social dangers of appearing gay while he’s wearing a girl’s sweater.

“This kid Sam, does he play for your team?”
-Burt, Kurt

Okay… So, Sam’s been in this show for four episodes, and we’ve already seen him shower THREE times. What is up with that kid?

“I thought I was over somebody, but it turns out I still have feelings for them.”
“The Clintons?”
-Artie, Brittany

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