Glee S2.2 (the Brittany Spears one)

Quotes That Illustrate What Makes Glee The Show It Is

“Can I just say that you are the hottest dentist I’ve ever seen?”

“This room looks like the one on the spaceship where I got probed.”

“US History? Crap, I forgot I was taking that.”

What Happened In Tonight’s Episode

1. Santana hit on Ms. Pillsbury’s boyfriend.

2. Britney had the weirdest dream ever under anesthesia. There was a snake, and creepy children doing hip hop.

3. Okay… and then she and Santana did the lesbian saloon version of it the next day. Santana at least did seem to recognize that shared unconscious fantasies were somewhat unusual.

4. General anesthesia is *not* actually a normal part of everyday dentistry, right? What happened to novocain?

5. The commercial with Kurt and Puck was my favorite part of the show. But hey, it looks like Puck’s going to sing next week!

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