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I have Some Thoughts

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

::deep breath:: I have Some Thoughts about the upcoming MCU Infinity War movie. And also fun thoughts. Let’s go with those. 1. A huge shoutout to that tumblr blurb about Shuri and Peter Parker pulling the “what’s updog” joke on Thanos. I chortled through the entire trailer thanks to that, and enjoyed it immensely. 2. […]

workaday Wednesday

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Since it is unseasonably warm at the moment, a post about going outside at work! 1. I work near an airport, which means every once in a while a very low-flying plane will go over while I’m out walking. This constantly gives me the urge to throw my hand up in the air, Free Willy […]

apartment check-in

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

1. I found the card! Last night, in (yes, of course) a box of other cards. And with still over a week left to go in February — truly a success story for the ages. 2. I also found a key. It is a key with a sticker on it with my apartment number, which […]

that makes no sense

Monday, February 19th, 2018

Here’s a thing I’ve never understood: telling people who are nervous about something, like public speaking, to imagine the audience naked, as if this will somehow ease their nerves. (There’s a song getting radio play right now that mentions it, and keeps bringing it back to my mind.) ((‘There’s Nothing Holding Me Back,’ Shawn Mendes)) […]

questions ANSWERED!

Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Saw Black Panther yesterday, thought it was excellent. Would watch again. And now, answers to the Very Important Questions. (Pretty non-spoilery, especially if you have seen the trailers.) 1. Does T’Challa like cats? Answer still unclear. I would tentatively say signs point to yes. 2. Does *everyone* in Wakanda like cats? Also still unclear. I […]

okay, one more work post

Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Happenings from yesterday, in no particular order: *Listened to a manager try to explain to a director what a return purchase order is. (“Yes, that’s what it’s called.”) ((PS: He was totally right.)) *Heard that the CEO gave blood at the blood drive and was asked if his socks met his sweater-vest. (Blood drive employee […]

bonus work update

Friday, February 16th, 2018

Had a fantastic email exchange yesterday with someone, and it went basically like this: Me: Hey, so we used the chart you sent us to make our version of the chart. I’ve attached ours to this email for review and approval. Them: Yeah, could you change yours so it matches ours? That’d be great, thanks. […]

workaday Thursday

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

My workplace has started a book club. (It is fascinating to me that a group of people who *constantly* talk about having so many demands on their time that they can’t even check email until late in the day think that adding ‘read a 200+ page book’ to their list is a good idea.) Anyway, […]

very important questions

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

Interrupting the usual workaday Wednesday post not because it’s Valentines Day, but because BLACK PANTHER is about to hit theaters. (Official release date 2/16, which I assume means people can start watching it tomorrow night?) Which means it is time for some Very Important Questions about this movie: 1. Does T’Challa like cats? (Come on, […]

“yes, I’ve read a poem”

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has a live cam of nesting Layson Albatrosses in Kauai, Hawaii. Very enjoyable background to working! And yes, it’s terrifying that google sees all and knows all, but it also means that I can search the phrase “tumblr baby bird is muppet adult bird has eyeliner” and it will *actually* […]