winter plants update

October 15th, 2018

It’s been a few more weeks (yes, I was too lazy to go check how many), and there is news to share about the plant cuttings!

Round 1 (in soil):
*kiwi fern coleus — champions, looking very perky, happily growing some new leaves. I have a terrible time keeping those tiny flies away, so it’s on my list to put diatomaceous earth on top of the soil. (I water from the bottom.)

*purple shield — in comparison to the one that was definitely dead, the second one looked not quite as dead. I cut it back to just two leaves, and it now appears to be growing some new baby leaves. I am both surprised and impressed.

*iresine — hard to say. Both sprigs have a couple leaves that are still green, which seems like it could be a good sign. Still in wait and see mode on these.

Round 2 (in water):
*purple shield — apparently water is the way to go with this one. It took a while, but the sprigs looked happy and leafy the whole time, and then one day — boom! Some roots!

*iresine — one sprig noped right out, which actually gave me some hope that perhaps the ones in soil aren’t all dead. (I mean, in comparison to the one that was *definitely* dead, they look okay?) But the second sprig grew a few little roots! (I’m not entirely sure why my iresines are failing to thrive, indoors and out. I usually figure it’s the lack of sun, but the outdoor plant has staged an unusual late-game recovery, so maybe it just didn’t like heat/humidity?)

In conclusion: plants are a mystery, but they’re cute, and it’s fun to watch them grow.

might be time to turn the heat on

October 14th, 2018

It was 80F degrees last Wednesday, so I was really hoping to get in another week (or more!) without needing to turn the heat on. But we had a frost advisory last night, and I can hear someone scraping their windshield in the parking lot this morning, so it’s definitely cold now!


I sure did learn something

October 13th, 2018

I have now been OFFICIALLY TRAINED in how to lead meetings. Except don’t call it leading, because the “lead” doesn’t do that part. That’s the facilitator’s job!

The common thread of the training was using words that already exist to mean something else. Like, apparently we address “tensions” now? But don’t think that means something causing tension; it’s really more like a suggestion or a proposal. (Here’s a thought — why not just call it that?)

I was genuinely confused by the end of the training — at what point of the meeting are we supposed to actually go over the agenda? There was a step for adding things to the agenda, but no step for actually talking about it.

(Oh yes, and meetings have 10 steps, now. Unless there are no tensions, and then there’s only 5. WHAT.)

My prediction is that this “new system” will go the way of the last brilliant meeting innovation (each day of the week was dedicated to a specific type of meeting) — it will stick around for a few months until everyone agrees that no one is actually following it, and then disappear forever, never to be spoken of again.

(I also predict that when it IS enforced, people will play along in the conference room, and then go have the real meeting in the hallway or at their desks afterwards. Which is, somewhat humorously, exactly what the system is meant to eliminate.)

that’s paid time, right?

October 12th, 2018

Aww yeah, it’s TRAINING DAY! Earlier this week, I was asked to participate in a training about “being a meeting facilitator,” which is really 10,000% the pinnacle of our current office culture. Considerations:

1. It’s 90 minutes of paid time on a Friday afternoon. That really would have been enough right there.

2. SURELY I can get enough gems from this training for a humorous blog post.

3. When I say ‘asked,’ I really mean ‘told.’

The execs like to say the company is in a time of transition, which is a nice way of saying ‘we have no idea what we’re doing.’ And it’s not that I think the concept of making meetings more effective isn’t great; it just feels a bit like a rearranging deck chairs plan, when what would really be helpful is BRINGING BACK THE FREE HALF AND HALF in the break rom. But that’s just me!

just gotta keep moving forward

October 11th, 2018

I should probably stop checking the news before I try to write a post each morning. But I can officially recommend the Good Stuff Happened Today tumblr, and in particular this adorable arctic fox video.

(With extra thanks to bears-official for their added classic internet commentary: ur device do me an STARTLE gonna hav 2 monchet)

workaday Wednesday

October 10th, 2018

You know what? It’s going to be an astonishingly warm and summer-like day, on October 10th. Can we just — take a day?

the daily crisis report

October 9th, 2018

At my workplace, we have a cursed project. It’s crazy to even have to say that, but I feel it’s reached that point. Every day, some new crisis comes to light. I’ve been tempted (oh, so many times) to ask if there’s a mercy rule. At what point do we get to just cut our losses and be done with this? Apparently the answer is never — we will carry on until the work is done, or until every person involved with the project quits, gets fired, or has to take medical leave.

Here’s the silver lining to the whole thing: it’s so ridiculously tiny. It’s an amazing distraction from the *other* daily crisis report, aka the news. ‘What fresh hell is this?’ we all mutter amongst ourselves, secretly relieved that we can stop worrying about the fate of the nation for ten minutes.

Also, it is *amazing* practice for finding humor in the ridiculousness of it all, because if I wasn’t laughing, I’d be crying, and I guess that is considered poor workplace etiquette??? But everything is easier to laugh at now — memes are hilarious, especially the ones I don’t understand even a tiny bit. Even serious things — someone tried to steal my credit card number to place an order with edible arrangements, and if that’s not peak humor, I don’t know what is.

#I get a sticker for this

October 8th, 2018

Some things are hard, and that’s what stickers are for. Do I really need to go to the eye doctor this year? I went last year! They’re going to want to dilate my pupils, which I’ve never had done before, and don’t particularly want to do ever. (Note: I hate going to the eye doctor, because of the eye chart. It feels like a test that I can’t study for and always fail. Yes, I do know that’s not the point of the eye chart. No, telling myself that hasn’t helped yet.)

On the other hand, just *not going* seems like perhaps not the best choice either? I mean, I admit to using that strategy for primary care, but I generally try to keep up with teeth and eye stuff. Which is a very long way of saying I just scheduled an appointment online. (PS: Which I tried last year, and then was told that the online scheduler “wasn’t accurate” and that no appointments were available — we’ll see what happens this time around!)

Silver lining: I totally get a sticker for this.

goal: sleep

October 7th, 2018

I mean, I’d take just not having a headache? But probably sleep would help with that. Plus, it’s sleep, and I love sleep!

After waking up early at the insistence of the cat, I have carefully reviewed the day’s plans and (secondary, non-sleep) goals. And lo, I have determined that I could likely achieve an adequate amount if I put this day on hold and re-started it at, say, noon.

I’ve eaten a snack and had some water (just in case the headache is from not having enough snacks and water). Now it is time to open the window shades, so that it feels more like I’m ‘taking a fun daytime nap’ instead of ‘I woke up too early and desperately want to go back to bed.’

long weekend caturday!

October 6th, 2018

Things I’m planning to do this weekend:

1. Switch the summer curtain (windowsill length, perfect for leaving the window open on summer nights, waves beautifully in warm breezes) to the winter curtain (floor length, insulated, keeps the chill from sneaking up on my toes in the colder months).

2. Go for a walk and take all the same pictures I took last fall.

3. Really should eat that avocado.

4. Pound back supplements and tea, because my boss showed up at work all week with the death-plague.

5. Figure out what we’re doing for Dad’s birthday.

6. Based on past evidence, probably read tons of fanfic, because what is moderation?

7. Did you know you can get your car inspected up to THREE MONTHS before your actual birth month in NH? I will not be doing that this weekend. But it’s good to know!

8. Nap? Napping sounds good.

9. Pat the cat. A given, but still supremely worthy of mention!