mistakes may have been made

April 20th, 2019

Sign up for a 5K, they said! It’ll be fun, they said!

I’m pretty sure that walking a 5K in the rain will not be fun, but I am going to do it anyway, as a sort of learning adventure.

Things I Am Reminding Myself:

*Will be easier than hiking in the rain, because there will not be scary thunder and lightning and also I can take a hot shower afterwards and put all my clothes in the washing machine, instead of hanging them on hooks and wearing them again tomorrow.

*It’s not actually mandatory? I mean, I feel pretty committed to driving to the race and picking up my bib and shirt, but each step of the process is a new choice, and new decisions can be made.

*If I do this, it’s a fantastic excuse to take the rest of the weekend off from doing hard things.

it’s a head-scratcher

April 19th, 2019

Today’s the big day at work: time for the company meeting! One of the company meetings. The one that’s supposed to be held on-site, but is being held off-site for unexplained reasons. (I mean, a suspicious person might think it’s so they can fire all of us at once, but there’s probably less than a 15% chance that will happen.)

This special event also has a theme. Why, you might ask, does a company meeting need a them? No one knows. And just to really drive home the weirdness, the theme is ‘Alice in Wonderland.’

I remain baffled and concerned by this choice.

some Guardian thoughts

April 18th, 2019

So. Watched the eps with the whole ‘freezing to death in the lab’ situation. I can appreciate the need to create a peril scenario (I guess; I mean, any time I write it always turns out to be a misunderstanding, but I can grasp the concept).

And I am willing to accept that *somehow* the person who can light things on fire with his hands was not helpful in this scenario. (He was injured? It’s not real fire? It is real fire, but they were worried about oxygen? IDK, it’s hand-wave-able.)

I am EVEN willing to accept that APPARENTLY the person who — back on the camping trip — ripped a hole in a mountain wasn’t able to do the same on, say, the wall. Or that fan thing. Or the floor. (He was… also injured? His powers also require a medium to work, and it’s, uh, something that wasn’t there? WHO KNOWS.)

BUT! What I CANNOT accept, and will remain baffled by for all my days, is that Guo was wearing a hoodie that entire time and NEVER put the hood up. EVER. Was it a fake hood? Is this like women’s pants with the fake pockets? Does he look funny with a hood?

In conclusion: all of them were terrible at cold-weather survival; coal star, it’s like you didn’t even try at all; PUT YOUR HOOD UP GUO.

Very Important Addendum: This is why you should always stuff snacks into your pockets any time you go somewhere!

workaday Wednesday

April 17th, 2019

Yesterday I had one of those moments at work when I was asked a question so inane and condescending that I’m sure my face took a journey (damn those years of call center work, for reducing my skill at faking facial expressions!). And I was so torn, because on the one hand, these people clearly think I’m a moron, and yet on the other hand, that does mean my clever plan to get away with working far under my potential* is actually working.

[*I clearly remember a moment in 9th grade when a teacher told me I was working too hard, so I — all trusting and naive — turned in a assignment that I did not work hard on. It was a fine assignment. Lots of other people turned in similar assignments. The teacher graded me lower than everyone else because I wasn’t working “to my potential.” It was, as they say, a learning experience.]

problem: solved

April 16th, 2019

My TPMS problems are solved! Well, sort of. Back in January, when the light first started blinking and I learned that one or more of the sensors themselves were no longer working, I decided to put off dealing with it until my next oil change.

Unfortunately, that tactic only worked until the oil change actually happened, and then I had to figure something out. Which mostly went like this — the garage could fix it if I really wanted them to, but a non-functional tire pressure maintenance sensor won’t keep the car from getting an inspection sticker, and I am capable of very little car maintenance, but I *do* know how to check the tire pressure. Suddenly ignoring it forever seemed like a more appealing option.

That was last Friday. On Saturday, the light didn’t come on. Since I have confirmation that two of the sensors are broken, I can only guess this means that the light bulb for the tpms light itself has burned out. An unexpected solution, but I’ll take it!

outdoor adventure day

April 15th, 2019

(It was yesterday. Today it’s raining. Plus, work.)

Anyway, it’s April and that means that I did the 3rd annual April hike along the high ground at the local park.

*Ground conditions: One tiny patch of snow. Some mud and standing water, which could be avoided with minor-to-moderate effort. Better than expected!

*Bug level: Some flying insects, not enough to warrant pulling out the bug repellent. No ticks spotted.

*Weather: Cool enough that I was happy to have long sleeves, balmy enough that I rolled up my pant cuffs and daringly flashed some ankle.

*Seen on the trail: Did not actually find the mullein plants I went looking for, but I did find the spot where I wiped out on the ice in the winter. Also, saw some ducks and geese!

*Community interaction: Took a picture for a family, AND offered a time estimate to some people looking to go fishing (even though I’m, uh, still not entirely sure we were talking about the same lake — look, the park is basically 80% wetlands, there’s a lot of bodies of water — but they decided to stay at the pond we were all looking right at, so at least I know they didn’t get lost).


April 14th, 2019

My #1 favorite thing about the new Star Wars trailer is that it has led to a return of the hilarious ‘I’m gonna taste this dirt’ gif from TLJ. Every time I see that on my tumblr dash, it makes me laugh. WHO DOES THAT?

Things I want to see in the new Star Wars, despite knowing that I will not see them:


*It feels like we’ve been waiting for them to end slavery ever since Anakin was a tiny child. Can we speed that up?

*Can’t believe The Jacket wasn’t in the trailer AT ALL. Bring back the jacket!

*I mean, for that matter, let’s bring back the salt-tasting guy too.

*A dance party.

where is my decoder ring

April 13th, 2019

Important questions for a caturday:

*Is this Needed Rest, or am I going into A Decline?

*How much sleep is Too Much sleep?

*Can cats have seasonal allergies?

*Where is the sunshine???

*Will I ever feel like cooking real food again, or will I live on sandwiches forever?

*Does it really count as daily tidying if I’m just crossing off stuff I did last year and don’t feel like updating?

In other news, I reached day 14 of the negative pull-up challenge and couldn’t convince myself to carry on. Took yesterday off to see if that helped. It did not. In an effort to not give up entirely, I’ve started back at day 1. We’ll see how that goes.

the struggle is real

April 12th, 2019

As someone who STILL cannot remember the mnemonic about how many days each month has (luckily a small child taught me how to count them out on my knuckles instead), I was so excited that I finally memorized “righty-tighty, lefty-loosey.” (It, uh, still took a long time.)

Here’s the thing, though: they rhyme is So Much Less Helpful than one might think. There I was, staring at the cap for the oil tank in my car, and it’s got the little grippy handle, and it just happens to be that the handle is straight across the middle (9:00 to 3:00 if the cap was a clock face).

And I’m telling myself, ‘righty-tighty, lefty-loosey.’ And I’m making the L-shape with my thumb and finger, reminding myself which side is the left (also not as helpful as one would like, but I write with my right hand, and that’s useful). And I CANNOT FIGURE OUT which way to turn the cap. Because my brain turned “left” and “right” into sides, rather than directions, so either way I twist the cap, half of the handle is getting closer to the right, and half of it is getting closer to the left.

It was a problem. Why, oh why, couldn’t the rhyme have been about clockwise and counter-clockwise???

[Note: I did, eventually, figure it out. As one does.]


April 11th, 2019

Why is Thursday such a good day? Because we get paid on Thursdays! Hallelujah!

Also, my workplace is *finally* reimbursing an expense from January. I (unsuccessfully) tried to explain to someone earlier this week why I was excited about this, but it came down to a lot of me talking about my (okay, super simple) budgeting, and a lot of them saying things like, ‘oh, haha, as long as there’s money in the account I figure things are fine.’

Which — I assume is just a thing people say because talking about money is awkward? Right? Like, even if that is their overall strategy, there is a deeper conceptual understanding that it’s not literally how money works?

ANYWAY! It’s Thursday!