mistakes were made

April 24th, 2018

With spring finally upon us, I have been thinking it would be nice to be more active. This coincided with my workplace sharing a bunch of info on how great jumping rope is for your health, and I was like ‘what the heck, I’ll give it a go.’

(Note: There was a point in my life when I could jump rope for ten minutes. Around 2005? So I had some backup for the idea that I would not die in this attempt.)

Anyway, last Thursday and Friday I left work, jumped rope for three minutes, and drove home. I mean, three minutes kind of made me want to puke, but I was fine. (It was more like the ‘ugh, exercise’ feeling, rather than the ‘this is not okay’ feeling.)

Then I took the weekend off, because I am much more willing to look foolish in my workplace parking lot than my apartment parking lot (those people know where I sleep!). Yesterday I was back at it, except that when I got in the car to leave, I made it about five minutes down the road and then had a coughing fit.

It was not good. This was full-on coughing, eyes watering, nose running, oh-my-god-am-I-dying kind of stuff. I seriously considered pulling off the road (but didn’t, because I make terrible decisions when I’m panicking!). Anyway, after about ten minutes, I decided that I was still breathing and it was not getting worse, which seemed like good signs. After twenty minutes there was definite improvement, so I continued on my way — by the time I was home it had settled to an occasional tickle-cough combo.

WHAT THE HECK, BODY? I thought we had an agreement! What’s all this? (So I asked the internet. It said I was either fine or dying, which is pretty typical for internet medical advice.)

But yeah, I’m gonna try it again.

car talk

April 23rd, 2018

I am embarrassed to say that I’ve had my car since 2011 (I think? around then?) and it was not until yesterday that I finally did something about the water collector.

I have no idea what it’s *supposed* to be — it’s this indented plastic bit on the side of the trunk, like a storage bin. A storage bin that fills up with water. Personally, I suspect that the car designers identified that the trunk leaked, and the easiest way to address the problem was to put in a plastic water collector.

(Honestly it works pretty well? The rest of the trunk stays super dry, which is great. I just wish those car designers had made the thing removable, so you could easily dump the water back out.)

Anyway, it’s been varying levels of ‘full of water’ ever since the first time it rained after I got the car. Occasionally it has fully dried out, and I have to sternly remind myself not to put anything in it. (It looks like a storage bin! It’s so useful!) But recently it’s been more full than not, until even I could no longer ignore it.

But what to do? The plastic bin doesn’t come out. So I bravely donned gloves and used a sponge to slowly empty the water out, one squeeze at a time.* (It was kind of gross; the gloves helped. Less gross than I feared, though, and I threw the sponge away afterwards.)

(*One of the weirdest parts about living in an apartment complex is that you wind up doing these things in front of an audience. No one asked me what I was doing, but I’m sure I provided a few moments of entertainment for anyone hanging around their windows yesterday afternoon.)

happy earth day!

April 22nd, 2018

A picture from my last walk, because I was super excited to find a green, growing plant (yay mullein!) out along the trails.

(Why is the picture sideways? I have no idea.)

Happy Earth Day!

caturday coupon update

April 21st, 2018

Short version:
The grocery store accepted the coupon! Heck yeah, ten dollars off!

Long version:
Three employees were ultimately involved in this momentous decision. I handed the coupon to the cashier and asked if I could use it. (I brought the whole flyer thing, because which part of it was the actual coupon was a little vague.) The cashier was unsure, and showed it to the bagger, who showed it to the bagger at the next line over. Much studying of the coupon was done. Everyone agreed they had never seen one of these before.

No one questioned whether I was, indeed, a new parent. They were much more concerned about whether the paper was, indeed, a real coupon. Ultimately the decision was made to scan the bar code, and then a lot of tapping the screen happened, and boom, ten dollar coupon achieved. Thanks, local grocery store!

fic rec Friday

April 20th, 2018

If They Haven’t Learned Your Name, by silentwalrus

I started reading this fic waaaaaay back — probably back in 2016. Back when the number of MCU movies I enjoyed enough to watch more than once outnumbered the ones I considered better off forgotten.

Every time a new chapter’s been posted, I’ve opened it up and thought, “Oh, I remember this!” Like checking in with an old friend. And reading the final two chapters and epilogue this week? Big smile on my face.

(I was super tempted to go back to the start and re-read the whole thing, but I would definitely be late for work if I did that.)


April 19th, 2018

me: “I’m fine! This is fine!”

also me: ::bursts into tears while singing along to ‘Jessie’ by Joshua Kadison in the car::

me @ me: “…Perhaps it would be worthwhile to acknowledge that while certain aspects of my life are indeed fine, each of us contains multitudes (thanks, Walt Whitman), and humans are multifaceted beings with complex emotional lives. I can be happy and sad and angry and terrified and excited and exhausted all at once. Not everything has to be fine for things to be okay.”

workaday Wednesday

April 18th, 2018

Workplace interactions are so much easier in the morning. “Good morning” is such a perfect catch-all phrase. It can even be shortened to just “Morning.” It can be combined with a nod/smile/wave, or stand alone. And it can be used pretty much regardless of who you happen to run into. (See the CEO? “Morning.” See a complete stranger? “Morning.” See a complete stranger you suspect might be the CEO? “Morning.”)

Even better, it’s generally allowed to be an entire social exchange all on its own. It’s perfect for those times when people want to acknowledge each other, but have no real interest in communicating. You walk by someone in the hallway. You say “good morning.” They say “good morning” back. Done. Social niceties observed; everyone moves on with their day.

Afternoons are much harder. “Good afternoon” just hasn’t caught on as a phrase for casual use in the same way that “good morning” has. There doesn’t seem to be a non-morning equivalent quite as fantastic as “good morning.” I usually go with “hey,” which is a little too much like I’m trying to get someone’s attention, and often leads to the dreaded reply of “hey, how’s it going.” (Clearly a problem — since we have both now spoken once, the exchange should be over; instead it is dragged out into “good, you?” and “good, thanks,” which neither of us really cared about.)

Clearly, this is a concern that calls out for a corporate clickbait article. I’ll call it ‘Why your company’s culture of vaguely uninterested politeness is destroying your post-lunch productivity.”

um, thanks?

April 17th, 2018

Yesterday I got a coupon in the mail, a folded brochure type thing. One side says “Here’s $10 for free groceries,” which — hey, sounds great! The other side has a picture of babies and says “Welcome new baby!” Which — seemed unusual.

I figured it was some kind of creative marketing ploy, and either the coupon was either my local grocery store, or some product company, announcing an expanded selection of baby items.

But no! When I opened it, it specifically says, “Dear Parents,” and welcomes my new baby. Who doesn’t exist. (The only reference I could find online after a quick (and admittedly cursory) search was from back in 2011, when people were similarly confused-yet-happy to get these.)

I’m not sure what I’ve purchased recently to get algorithm’d as having a new baby, but hey, $10! I am absolutely going to try to use this at my local grocery store, where they definitely know that I do not have a baby, and see what happens.

and it’s a Monday

April 16th, 2018

It’s April 16th, but it’s dark and it’s raining and the heat keeps coming on because it’s freezing, and we’re predicted to hit our high temp of the day at 11 pm tonight, what is this even?

So here are some things I’m looking forward to today, since clearly “enjoying spring weather” isn’t going to be one of them:

1. wearing my max coze hoodie with the fuzzy lining

2. drinking free coffee at work

3. morning snuggle time with the cat

4. Mondays are chore-free days in the current schedule

5. avocado toast for dinner tonight, or maybe pizza

not a real problem

April 15th, 2018

More like a minor inconvenience? Anyway, the thing about having Easter happen on April 1st is that by April 15th, it’s feeling a little late to still have a bunch of Easter decorations up. But it’s also currently sleeting and 30F degrees outside, so I’m not really getting a ‘let’s decorate for May’ vibe.

And it’s not like I couldn’t do an in-between decorating thing, except that seems like a lot of work, and the whole point of decorating is that it’s supposed to be fun? Mostly I’ve been pretending I don’t see the eggs and bunnies, and waiting until it warms up and I feel motivated to swap things over to flowers and hummingbirds, or whatever.